About K.C. Turner

I started out taking photos at a very young age. Family and friends were always handing me their cameras to take pictures of them at gatherings, on vacations and during holiday events. It became a hobby and to some extent a craft.

Later in life, while attending college in upstate New York working on an AA degree in Mass Communications and my BA in History and Labor Relations, I got serious about my craft. I simultaneously studied photography at the prestigious Rochester Institute of Technology and the State University of New York where I also studied graphic art and illustration.

I now live in Colorado.

My work with photography now is embodied by the capture of light and landscapes as I envision and interpret them in their natural settings. I believe that Nature has an unbridled capacity for depth and beauty that transcends our abilities of “seeing”  and therefore beckons a much deeper inner vision from us as the beholders.

Nature wants us to take pause and enjoy its beauty and photography allows us to do just that!

Although all my images are captured photographically, I explore nature’s light and landscapes utilizing traditional methods of printing as well as artistic illustration and my imagination.

If my work would have a mission, it would be to combine our sense of imagination with our appreciation of nature’s unbridled beauty.

Thank You for visiting my web site, your interest is very much appreciated!

K.C. Turner